Episode 6 - Loneliness

December 21, 2021 • Nicole Caldwell Gross | Mindie Moore

Episode Details

On this episode of The Well, Nicole and Mindie dive deep into the not very often talked about subject: loneliness. It doesn't matter if it's during the holidays or just an average Wednesday - we all have the desire to be in relationship with other people. Friends, family, a significant other, there are many people who can fill that void, but what is keeping us from having this conversation? Join us at The Well.

There are a million podcasts but this one is for YOU. This is for the women who don’t have it all together. This is for the women who love God but still cuss a little. This is for the women who learn from the faith stories of other women. This is for YOU. Meet us at The Well Unfiltered and connect to God and each other.

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