College & Young Adults

Whether you're still in college, fresh out, working 9-5, married with 2.5 kids, or somewhere in-between, the Young Adult/College ministry has a place for you. Join other 20s/30s to grow in faith - start with coffee, join a group, and make a difference!

We know that young adults and college students are seeking answers to many questions, both spiritually and quite possibly for their Physics 301 class in college. We probably can't help you with the physics homework, but we sure can walk alongside you in helping you discover the answers to your faith questions and more.

FAQ's & Information

YES! St. Luke's young adults are hosting their own small groups AND we currently have a few virtual college student small groups too! 

We would love to meet you and learn about where you are in your faith! Would you like to meet for coffee? We know you're busy and adding another thing to your plate probably seems a little daunting and overwhelming - we promise, adding church to your plate will only make it the "good full" kind of full. Click below for more info about our Young Adult (YA) Ministry or for the College Student Ministry!

Yes. As one of the few open, inclusive, affirming churches in Indianapolis, you will be met with love and acceptance no matter how you identify. Jesus calls us to love and respect, and we will model that to every single individual who walks through our doors.

We send regular care packages and mailings to our undergraduate-aged students to let them know their church cares for them. If you have a college age student who would like to be included please register below!

College & Young Adult Events

Looking to connect with other college students and/or young adults? Check out our group finder!