Episode 5 - COVID Bodies...not antibodies

December 07, 2021 • Rev. Nicole Caldwell-Gross, Rev. Mindie Moore

Episode Details

On this episode of The Well, Nicole and Mindie talk about COVID bodies…to be clear, not antibodies. Listen in on this sensitive topic about how our body image, our relationship to our body, maybe even how our body's look has shifted, changed, or been in flux since COVID started.  Disclaimer, this episode can bring up a whole host of reminders or triggers or past hurt for people. The Well is a safe space where we want you to feel comfortable listening to tough subjects, but if this one is too hard for you, that's ok. Tune in next time. Give yourself permission to be ok where you are in your life right now. There are a million podcasts but this one is for YOU. This is for the women who don’t have it all together. This is for the women who love God but still cuss a little. This is for the women who learn from the faith stories of other women. This is for YOU. Meet us at The Well Unfiltered and connect to God and each other. Follow us on social: YouTube Instagram Twitter Facebook Website