Episode 13: Forgiving Relationships

May 03, 2022 • Rev. Nicole Caldwell-Gross | Rev. Mindie Moore

Episode Details

As season 2 continues, the conversations about relationships sometimes get hard. Today, in this episode of The Well, Mindie and Nicole are talking about the forgiving relationship. This one is tough - it doesn't happen if there hasn't been a wrongdoing or a breakup or some sort of incident. Listen as they talk about forgiveness and what's filling their well. There are a million podcasts but this one is for YOU. This is for the women who don’t have it all together. This is for the women who love God but still cuss a little. This is for the women who learn from the faith stories of other women. This is for YOU. Meet us at The Well Unfiltered and connect to God and each other. ✨ Follow The Well Unfiltered ✨ YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCcrvbQcwshZoWm9ZFIlT8Dw Instagram: instagram.com/thewellunfiltered Facebook: facebook.com/wellunfiltered The Well Facebook Group: facebook.com/groups/423948738428393/ Website: thewellunfiltered.com