Our Firm Anchor | Rev.-elations 9.24.21

September 24, 2021 • Rev. Rob Fuquay

"We have this hope as an anchor of the soul." Hebrews 6:19

As I was working on the sermon this week and thinking about one particular belief about Jesus, that he holds life together, I remembered a professor from seminary, Dr. Walt Lowe, who shared in class one day about a key experience in his faith development.

He was struggling with so much of the chaos and confusion in the volatility of the sixties. The Vietnam War was in full swing. Protests and demonstrations abounded, and a few personal traumas left him in desperate search for stability. In a time when all traditions and institutions were being abandoned, he wandered into an Episcopal church one day. He was immediately struck by a feeling of disconnection. The people were moving through this ritual while so much turmoil was happening outside, but he felt at peace. As he sat there that day, he realized that in the place there was order. There was no confusion. He found something he was desperately looking for. This was his entrance into the church.

Whatever you are experiencing in your life today, I hope you will join us for worship this Sunday.


Rev. Rob Fuquay

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