It's Amazing What You'll Notice

July 07, 2023 • Rev. Eric Burton-Krieger

Last Sunday, we kicked off our July sermon series, "Parched" focusing on spiritual practices that will fill your cup, with the practice of noticing. We also shared in all our services that this will be my last year as a pastor at St. Luke's. My spouse has been recruited to a new role at Georgia Tech, where she'll serve as the Executive Director of Campaign Operations and Institute Strategic Priorities and a member of the Development leadership team. While Meagan's new job will start later this month, as a family we won't relocate to Atlanta, GA until October, and I'll continue to commute back periodically and be in worship through the end of December. Our hope is that transitioning in this way will allow for continuity in ministry and give time to have new staffing in place.  

Which brings me to Adult Discipleship. Many of you have asked how I like my new role as the Pastor of Discipleship, and my response has been one of excitement. That remains true, even as I make the bittersweet choice that is best for my family. Starting Sunday, we'll be promoting the re-launch of >Disciple Bible Study, that now has a brand-new mobile app format. The app provides a space where the daily readings can be read aloud to you, you can take notes, and share prayer requests whether your group meets in-person or online. You can read an article about all that's new with Disciple here. Of any study group we've offered, I've seen the most life-transformation with Disciple, both for the learning about the Bible and the community it creates!  

Our Disciple Bible Study groups will launch August 20, the same time we'll be launching new 6-week small groups at both Midtown and North Indy discussing our fall sermon series: Stumped. Together, we'll be looking at questions others ask us as Christians, that we're stumped to answer. Questions like, "Did Jesus have to die?" or "Does God send people to hell?" Small groups are great ways to build community at St. Luke's, with the only prep work being attending worship and listening to the sermon. Then starting is September, we'll have new short-term classes led by several of our pastors! Our goal is that collectively we will deepen our faith, with each step leading our relationships with Christ to be a more wholistic part of our lives.  

So let me return to noticing for a moment. When we're busy, when we have a lot on our minds, it's hard to notice what God is doing isn't it? Well, the week Meagan received her job offer, just happened to be the week of VBS. We'd been praying and talking about this opportunity and while I was volunteering that week, I hadn't really noticed this year's theme - until the very last day. At the closing celebration for our kids and families, I stood at the back of the chapel, and I looked down - and took this picture. 

Those are my feet. And, "Ready, Set, Move! - Follow Jesus Here, There and Everywhere," was the theme for the whole week. I nearly missed it. And it felt like confirmation to step across a threshold and into something new. So here we go.  

I pray that this week, God might help you notice your own opportunity, and challenge you to take a step to deepen your relationship with God and those around you.

Rev. Eric Burton-Krieger