Go Tell

April 14, 2023 • Rev. Rob Fuquay

All versions of the Easter story (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) report that the women who were first to witness the empty tomb were told to go and tell the disciples that Christ is risen. This recognizes the important responsibility Easter brings. We often think of the hope we find through an encounter with the risen Christ, or at least the discovery of a magnificent possibility that hope exists. But this discovery also gives us a mission: to bring hope to others.

Last Sunday in worship we learned that we stuffed 12,000 Easter eggs for our children's Eggstravaganza on April 1 - that was no April Fool's joke! Following the devastation from tornadoes in Southern Indiana the day before, someone in our church wondered if we might do at least a small gesture of hope-giving as she offered to take all the eggs that were returned or not used to Sullivan First United Methodist Church to use for a community Easter Egg hunt. Some would say in the midst of that kind of loss that an egg hunt hardly helps anyone. But folks who have survived similar tragedies say the things they yearn for are the simple events they are used to celebrating. It makes you feel like life will go on. You can see the baskets that were prepared.

So last Sunday after preaching our Easter sunrise in Robertson Chapel, our Conference Superintendent, Dr. Aleze Fulbright, headed to Sullivan for their Easter service. As it turns out the mayor and many leading officials in their town worship at First Methodist. Dr. Fulbright learned of many congregants and others in the town who lost everything. Members talked about how important it was to experience togetherness on Easter and the way they displayed an unrelenting faith. One woman's comment particularly stuck with her. The woman said, "I may have lost everything, but I haven't lost my faith."

How can you give hope to someone today? That is our call as Easter people. Sometimes we find that in the act of sharing hope we find some for ourselves.

Easter people raise your voices, Sounds of heaven in earth should ring;

Christ has brought us heaven's choices, heavenly music let it ring

Alleluia. Alleluia. Easter people let it ring!

See you Sunday, Rob

Rev. Rob Fuquay