2020 Lay Leadership

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2019 Elected Lay Leadership

This “global” operational committee was formed in 2008 to take primary responsibility for St. Luke’s long-range strategic planning. Responsibilities include discernment and guidance of major church initiatives and vision and policy decisions, as well as working in tandem with the other administrative committees of the church.

Curtis Rector (Chair)

Steve Harris (Lay Leader)

David Cobb (Finance Chair)

Pat Burley (SPRC Chair)

Anne Clark (Trustees Chair)

Rob Fuquay (Senior Pastor)

Nancy Lange (Executive Director, Administration)

Rob French

Brad Fuson

Marsha Reynolds

Stephen Hoskins

Gustanna Moss Chaney

Bethany Garrity

John Baker

The Finance Committee consists of the church accountant and treasurer, the chair of stewardship, senior staff, and 8 elected lay members. This committee is on a 3-year rotation.

David Cobb (Chair, Stewardship)

Faina Kleyner (Church Accountant)

Jeff Peek (Church Treasurer)

Steve Harris (Lay Leader)

Rob Fuquay (Senior Pastor)

Nancy Lange (Executive Director, Administration)

Bill Christiensen

Nate Montgomery

Andrew Summers

Cathy Bonser-Neal

David Gard

Monika Nyby

Trent Wood

Lori Ball

Jay Brill

The Lay Leadership Committee oversees the identification and development of leaders at St. Luke’s. The committee nominates candidates for leadership in the church to fill all openings on administrative committees, which include Trustees, Finance, Staff-Parish Relations, and Lay Leadership, as well as the lay member delegates to Annual Conference. 

Rob Fuquay (Chair, Senior Pastor)

Steve Harris (Lay Leader)

Stephanie Eckert

Sandra Pirkle

Regan Summers

Ifeoma Morrison Bugbee

Jim Patton, Jr.

Bob Tharp

Mike Elkin

Rob Kapaku

Margaret Wood

Missy Hughes

The Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) helps build strong relations between the staff and the congregation by advocating for a healthy work environment and establishing employee policies, procedures, and benefits. This committee consists of a church lay leader, senior staff, and 9 elected lay members and is on a 3-year rotation.

Pat Burley (Chair)

Steve Harris (Lay Leader)

Rob Fuquay (Senior Pastor)

Nancy Lange (Executive Director, Administration)

Pat Burley

Lynn Black

Missy Copher

Emily Frische

Heidi Rohloff

Ron Sinicki

Charles Berdel

Kim Ringham

Larry Stevens

Shanique Edwards

Ralph Power

The Trustees are responsible for helping the church run effectively by providing a secure environment for worship and the work of ministries. The Trustees oversee, maintain and supervise our church building and property. 

Anne Clark (Chair)

Nancy Lange (Executive Director, Administration)

Gary Chambers

Stan Kossack

Anne Clark

Bob Dillingham

Mike Zobel

Kevin Cooper

Dave Lear

Nan Shulte

Anne Adams

Steve Hockett