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Blessed to be a Blessing
Sep 20, 2019  |  Pastor Rob Fuquay

Over 25 years ago St. Luke’s members, Norm and Sue Stuart, experienced a strange internal “urge.” It’s what I have come to call “God nudges.” Others call them “God winks,” “soul stirrings,” “spiritual prods,” etc. This urge was to start a service providing breakfast for hungry people in the Fletcher Place community. Sue was already instrumental in leading a dinner ministry at the community center. She coordinated meals that were cooked at St. Luke’s and brought to Fletcher Place. Then Norm got the “nudge” to serve breakfast. Only one problem: how? Where would he get the funds and help?

God gave another nudge—“just do it and I’ll take care of the rest.” And more than two decades later they have. Norm and Sue did their part and God did God’s part! Hungry people receive breakfast every week thanks to the many St. Luke’s volunteers who show up early in the morning to cook a hot meal for people, many of whom slept in cars or cardboard boxes the night before. Each year over 25,000 meals are served at Fletcher Place.

Last night Norm and Sue were honored by having the dining room at Fletcher Place named after them.

This event made me think about a common theme emerging in our Bingeworthy series. God still carries out God’s work through people. God stirs, prods, and nudges people with ideas that seem crazy and intimidating. All God asks is that we do our part and step in the direction of obedience. When we do God does God’s part and provides resources, helpers and most of all hope!

Why is this whole business of reading and understanding the Bible so important? It’s like increasing the width of our spiritual satellite dish. We open ourselves to hear from God and begin to understand the signals God sends and the importance of following through. When we do that, God blesses others. And if we haven’t gotten that point yet in this series, it bears repeating, blessing others is why we are here!

See you Sunday,