Student Ministry 2022-23 Small Group Registration

Thank you for signing up for a small group! Before you get started, there's a couple of things to keep in mind.

The purpose of this form is to collect all the necessary information for assembling small groups. Please keep the Sunday service times in mind. There is a traditional service with a live preacher at 9:30am, a contemporary service with a preaching video at 9:30am, and a second contemporary service with a live preacher at 11am. Furthermore, this form must be filled out for EVERY student who will have a small group. If you have two different students in the youth program, fill this out twice (once for each).

If you're signing up for a middle school small group…your student will be placed in a small group of 8-10 students their age and assigned an adult leader for the duration of the school year. Small groups work best when students are consistent, so we ask that every family commits to attending twice a month.

If you're signing up for a high school small group…the dates, times, and locations of each student's small group is determined by the group they are in. There is a question asking if there is an area of ministry they would enjoy serving in on Sunday mornings as well.

Make sure to enter the name of the student who is being registered, NOT whoever is registering them.

If you have any further details or questions, please contact Travis Bannon, Associate Director of Student Ministry for Small Groups.