Confirmation Class 2023

All students grade 7th and above and who are active participants of St. Lukes are invited to this 6-week Confirmation Class, taking place January 29th through March 12th.

The goal of Confirmation is to do two things: (1) Confirm faith in God and the desire to follow Jesus Christ with their whole heart. (2) Confirm membership at St. Luke's. We will cover how to use the Bible, the history of the Methodist church, elements of church, and how to discover and share our gifts with the church. Our St. Luke's Clergy will co-teach with Heather Kenison, Director of Student Ministries.

Students will be Confirmed on Confirmation Sunday - March 19th. Details to come.

Please read carefully before registering:

  • The Confirmation Class will take place from January 19th-March 12th (skipping February 19th) from 1-3pm in Luke's Lodge at the North Indy Campus.
  • There is an optional lunch at 12pm. Please indicate if you will attend lunch so that we know how to best prepare.
  • Students are required to attend at least 5 of the 6 sessions. All sessions will be recorded, and the students will be required to make up the one they missed by watching the information online. Independent Study may be considered for those with special circumstances at the discretion of student ministry staff. Because we've condensed Confirmation into 6 weeks, it is critical to attend all sessions in person.
  • Students are asked to have a Confirmation Mentor attend sessions with them. The best mentors are parents/guardians, other relatives, or family friends who are invested in the Confirmand for life. A high school sibling or cousin would be an appropriate mentor if already confirmed. Confirmands might also consider asking their Small Group Leader or another adult they have a relationship at St. Luke's. Please confirm mentor before signing up.
  • Students should be active participants of St. Luke's, attending either the North Indy Campus or the Midtown Campus. This means that students should be actively attending worship services and/or a St. Luke's Small Group.
  • Confirmands will be required to serve on Youth Sunday at Midtown or North Indy Campus, February 26th.
  • Confirmands will be required to attend the Confirmation Retreat, March 18th from 9am to 3pm. 
  • If Confirmands have not been baptized, they will have that opportunity at the Confirmation Retreat by immersion or sprinkling.

If you have any questions, please contact Heather Kenison, Director of Student Ministries at

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