Group - Force for Good

Topic: Contemplation & Justice


  • Theresa Berghoff (Co-Leader)
  • Betty Brandt (Leader)
  • North Indy

What is “Force for Good”?

Thousands of people are killed every year in our country due to senseless gun violence. Guns are used as a force for harm. We are a “force for good”- a force beyond firepower - in that we believe every person has the right to feel safe from gun violence wherever they are.

Driven by our belief that all lives are sacred, and our compassion for others, “Force for Good” desires to promote love over fear. We are committed to promoting gun safety measures, as well as violence reduction and conflict resolution efforts.

Our situation urgently requires a unified effort to shift our current gun culture and to envision a different and hopeful future that protects the safety of each individual. This includes kids, people of color, police officers, teachers, and ALL OF US.