Diaper Drive

Tuesday, April 16 12:00 AM (Recurring Event)

Hub for Hope’s diaper pantry has distributed well over 300,000 diapers into the community since it launched in April 2022. We connected with more than 150 families in 2023 through diaper distributions right here at St. Luke’s. Many families returned month after month for assistance with this critical need.

Why do we provide diapers?

• Daycare centers require parents to supply disposable diapers, 1 for every 2 hours the child will be there. Without diapers, parents miss work.

• Diapers are not available or subsidized through any government programs.

• Babies who are not changed regularly develop health problems that often require medical attention, and that inhibit mental, emotional, and social development.

• Parents with stress over lack of resources pass this stress along to their babies, also inhibiting mental, emotional, and social development.

How many diapers do we supply, and how much does that cost?

• Families who come to Hub for Hope can receive 50 diapers/month for each child.

• With purchasing power from our partners at the Indiana Diaper Bank, it costs $8.50 per month to supply one child with diapers. That is about $100/year per child.

How can I help?

• Our goal is to supply diapers for 750 children for one year. That’s $75,000! But we are working together with ALL 3 CAMPUSES to accomplish this! That big goal breaks down as follows:

o North Indy goal = 600 kids

o Midtown goal = 100 kids

o Online community goal = 50 kids

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