Encouraging Stories

Unexpected Blessing from a Stranger
Apr 2, 2020

About three weeks ago - just prior to being "shut in", we made a trip to a local grocery store to purchase several weeks worth of food so we could remain inside. Many shelves were empty including vast spaces where antiseptic materials (cleaning supplies, Lysol, bleach, hand wipes, etc.) were once located.

After stocking up on food, we were nearing the far end of the store. A worker (a mature woman but not a senior citizen like we are) stopped us and asked if we had any of the much needed sanitation supplies. Our answer, of course, was "no". 

She told us that when she came to work first thing in the morning she would set aside some of the needed supplies and kept them in the back. Then she would offer them to senior citizens if they needed them. She put several purse size packets, several pump bottles of hand sanitizer, and several packets of wipes into our cart.  

We have been praying for her since. We don't even know her name, but we know that like so many others, her very job puts her at risk. We hope she, like all helpers, first responders, medical people and others, feel our love and prayers.

Jim and Jan Rogers