Encouraging Stories

Joyful Spring
Mar 31, 2020

Bill and I are 87 and 83 respectively, among the vulnerable, but what joys we have seen since our lock down: 

Neighbors and friends dropping off surprises of toilet paper, hand sanitizers, delicious chicken and noodles as well as pistachio cake, and calling to let us know they are going to the grocery and what do we need. Friends are calling to tell us they miss us and to make sure we know how to ZOOM to join a class we love or a meeting we will participate in. Constant upbeat laughter and support from the church, Pastor Rob, friends from classes who include us in their mailings. And there is not a day that goes by that the geese, robins, swans and ducks are not enjoying the water behind us, sharing their joy! When we take walks the trees stretch their arms, welcoming spring, some laden with buds like the yellow magnolias. And the minute we open our doors there is the sweet chirping songs of our winged friends just adding to the joyous welcoming of spring.

As we walk, friends.... 8 feet away.... have huge smiles and laughter, chatting not about the hardships but rather all our amazing blessings... like the myriad of persons who have stepped forth at hospitals and medical facilities to help...the more than imagined generous souls who have opened their compassionate hearts in any way they can to be there for others. And how blessed we are to have Brazilian, Indonesian, Pakistani, Hong Kongi, Canadian, English, Japanese, Bhutanese, Indian, Moroccan, Tibetan friends reaching across many miles with loving caring spirits so we can all support each other.

And we are especially blessed with children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews, plus Bill’s sister, who check in on us as we do them... letting each other know we love each other. Each day I join hands and hearts with the St Luke's Healing Partners with the intention of acting as a conduit of sacred healing love.

In days like these one can only know that humanity and all creation are one with Holy Spirit. 

Lynn Jackson