Encouraging Stories

God Works in Mysterious Ways!
Apr 1, 2020

I was out walking my dog earlier in the week and came across two women moving a small camper to a parking spot in our community. The neighbor had moved into our area about 5 years ago but I had only met her once. 

I complimented her friend's pretty Mercedes 2020 camper. The neighbor (a retired three star general for the Marines) said they had to move the camper as it is against our covenants and restrictions for it to be parked here. Her friend was visiting from North Carolina. (I found out later, she was a retired Marine captain.) They did not know where to go. I said let me go get my phone; I will be right back. I called the sellers (St. Luke's members too) of a home I had just sold. I did not get two sentences out of my mouth and my sellers said of course they could store it at their home. Not only did they have a huge asphalt area behind their home that was fenced in, they actually had an electrical hook up for charging the camper! Come to find out my male seller was a former Marine too (!) and said he would be honored to pay for her camper charging. If I had not been out walking my dog at that exact time none of this would have ever transpired. God does work in mysterious ways! 

Betsy Bovis