Open Statement

At St. Luke's, we are an open community of Christians helping people find and give hope through Jesus Christ. We are a safe place for everyone to learn and grow in their faith, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender, race, ethnicity, nationality or socioeconomic background. We demonstrate our commitment to openness by ensuring that our leadership represents the diversity of our congregation and all voices have a place at the table, including women serving as pastors and staff who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community. We do this, knowing that we are a large congregation, comprised of people who hold a wide variety of perspectives that do not always agree. Our call is to create a community where everyone is welcomed and loved.

The United Methodist Church voted to exclude LGBTQ+ persons from seeking ordination and same sex couples from being allowed to marry within a United Methodist Church. We believe in a future when the United Methodist Church will embrace full inclusivity. We believe God’s grace is unlimited, the Holy Spirit is at work within all people, and all persons are God’s beloved children. St. Luke’s United Methodist Church will continue to be a leader within our denomination by demonstrating what it looks like to be a fully inclusive body of Christ. You are invited to join us.

Additional Resources

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