Investing in Each Other
May 21, 2021  |  Rev. Nicole Caldwell-Gross

What can I do? This is a question that many people have been grappling with over the last year. We’ve been looking at the racial division in our country and often feel at a loss in the way that we can make a difference. What if I am not a preacher? Protester? Or community organizer ? Is there still something that I can do?

A group of leaders at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church and the Crooked Creek Northwest Community Development Corporation have been answering that question through the Minority Business Incubator. They recognize that generations of exclusionary laws and policies prohibited many entrepreneurs of color from accessing capital investment, land and training to launch businesses. This group of leaders is using their decades of business acumen to dismantle racism and invest in minority business development.

Over a one year cohort entrepreneurs learn to build business plans, create prototypes, scale up production and promote their products. They are then matched with local business leaders who can offer years of experience and trusted mentorship. This business development all leads to a pitch night where entrepreneurs share their business ideas “shark tank” style and audience members may choose to invest or donate in their businesses.

This work will change the landscape of neighborhood businesses on the north side of Indianapolis but it will also change the landscape of who can make a difference. There’s no one way to dismantle racism and make an impact. The only one thing that is required is that you be willing to share your gifts. 

If you are interested in the Minority Business Incubator or would like to attend the upcoming Pitch Night on July 31st 2021, please register for more information here.